So I bought this goat...

My grandfather was a farmer.  As a young girl growing up in northern Maine, our dirt road to Canada was home to more cows than people.  My parents kept chickens, had honey bees, and grew a flourishing garden that fed us all winter long.  Childhood chores including weeding rows, thrashing beans, and stacking wood, all accomplished with the most wonderful view of Mt. Katahdin. 

By the time I had three school-age children of my own I had moved to our current rural home in Carmel, Maine.  We have enjoyed trying various aspects of homesteading:  gardening, foraging, fermenting, canning, hunting, trapping, fishing, knitting and homeschooling.  And in the Spring of 2012 I purchased my very first goat, Clara.  Later, Katahdin became her companion.  Some goats we have kept, some we have sold, and all have been loved!  

Hand-milking early in the morning and again under the stars satisfies my soul.  The glorious bounty of milk brings joy to my heart.  We enjoy drinking goat milk and frequently make custard with our farm fresh eggs and fresh, raw milk. 

I love the simplicity of soap. It is something we all need and use every single day, all over the world. I sought to create a bar of soap that lathers well, with a subtle fragrance, and no added dyes or unnecessary chemicals.

I hope you'll enjoy this product and share it with your friends and family.


From my homestead to your home,